Saturday, October 21, 2023

Martin Taccetta says he was framed

Taccetta wants a new trial.
Martin Taccetta, 72, former boss in the Lucchese family, says he was framed by prosecutors for evil deeds related to the rub-out of auto dealer Vincent “Jimmy Sinatra” Craparotta in 1984. Craparotta, 56, was beaten to death by men with golf clubs at his car lot on June 12, 1984, to scare his nephews into paying tribute to the Luccheses from earnings on their video poker machines. Taccetta beat the murder rap, but he was found guilty of racketeering, conspiracy, and extortion. He received life plus 10 years. Taccetta claims his dental records, which he says proved he was at his dentist’s office when Craparotta was killed, were secretly altered.

Thomas Ricciardi was convicted in the 1984 golf club death of Vincent Craparotta Sr.
The government presented testimony from turncoat Mafia underbosses that Taccetta told them he and an associate “whacked” the victim “over some Joker Pokers” and used golf clubs rather than baseball bats to do the job because “bats break.”

Taccetta was a top capo.