Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Los Angeles sues ‘ghost gun’ maker Polymer80

LAPD Chief Michel Moore said more than 700 ghost guns seized in Los Angeles last year were made from parts bought from Polymer80. More than 300 were seized in South Los Angeles, where homicides soared to levels not seen in a decade. In Los Angeles about 40% of seized weapons are ghost guns. The city is suing Nevada based Polymer80. "Polymer80 has made it easy for anyone, including felons, to buy and build weapons that pose a major public safety threat.”
After selling thousands of kits, the company said they have stopped. Focus was on the company’s “Buy Build Shoot” kits, which anyone could purchase online, then assemble at home into a fully functioning weapon. Siezures of ghost guns have increased 50% in a year. The ATF determined this year that Polymer80’s kits meets the definition of a firearm under the law. They raided Polymer80’s headquarters in December. 86% of the ghost guns seized and entered into the ATF database — 1,278 firearms — were derived from Polymer80 parts. California, Connecticut, Washington, Washington, D.C., New Jersey and Rhode Island have enacted laws to regulate ghost guns.

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